Ich – The Book

Concept, Curation, Design, Artworks

Who am I? The big question that almost everyone might ask himself sooner or later in his life. In general, we agree that everyone owns something that we describe as a self, but what this truly means we actually don't know. We deal with the reasons why and how we think, wonder, remember and connote things as positive or negative. But when it comes to defining our inner core, the opinions are split. This book is trying to get closer to an answer by displaying various statements and mindsets of known people in various fields like philosophy, brain science, physics, psychology and spirituality enhanced with creative collages and illustrations.

The design itself is kept simple and clean. Correspondingly, the reduced colour and typography concept leaves much white space for the reader's own thoughts. The collages and illustrations additionally underline the content and support the inner process of its observer. The book cover is completely covered in a mirror foil which indicates the reader that this book is just about him – the face looking at it.

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