Guertler Mediation
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Der Weg zum Wir (the path to us) – that‘s the objective of Stefanie Gürtler, a Munich based mediator working in the fields of family and children mediation. For her responsive website and stationary heykling designed a visual identity including logo design, typeface and colour selection.


The design mark consists of three simple parts: the initials of her name, a square and a connecting line. The square reflects balance and the neutral approach of the mediator towards all parties in the mediation. The line between the initials describes the path bridging the gap between the conflictual situation to its solution.


As most of the people looking for mediation are in a nervous state of mind, we tried to calm down their temper through muted colours and images coming from nature. That‘s why the website‘s key visual shows a stable bridge within the forest. All in all and to display the professional and reliable character of the mediator, the design is kept in a simple and clean look and feel.

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